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Personal Info

Straight-married human male living in Earth’s Brooklyn region. Native to the larger John Waters / The Wire metropolitan area. Primarily superpower is ABAO (a cocktail of ADD, Bipolar Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, and OCD).

Trade: Entrepreneur specializing in the creation and popularization of new, high quality customer experiences.

Entrepreneur Bio

I got my start in 2000 when the founders of CollegeHumor brought me in to do frontend design. I soon became a partner in the company, playing the CTO role but also contributing heavily to product and editorial. We launched several other properties, mostly failures, but two successes: First, Busted Tees, then, Vimeo, which I started as an art project. We sold the whole company (called Connected Ventures) in 2006.

I was fired in late 2007 and went on to start a music company called Normative, which put out some great music with awesome artists. I was not experienced or devoted enough to succeed. I shut it down in late 2009.

For the next year and a half, I worked on some solo projects, including Hybrowse and Pummelvision. The latter taught me that no matter how much discipline and energy I mustered, I simply couldn’t build a company by myself.

In mid-2011, I started putting together a new company that would generate other companies. Elepath was born on March 3rd, 2012, creating dozens of prototypes, two of which are now maturing into their own companies: Exposure and Keezy. Sometime after they "leave the house", we’ll hire the next wave of Elepath developers, applying the lessons learned so far. I plan to lead Elepath for ten total years - until March 3rd, 2022.

Investor Bio

In addition to creating & running companies, I sometimes invest in and advise other peoples’. I typically get involved in the earliest stages, helping the founders aim their energy in the right direction.

There’s some tension around the fact that as an entrepreneur, I public decry the ideal of selling a company, while as an investor I’m proud to have supported companies like Tumblr, Bleacher Report, and MakerBot, whose combined sales account for the majority of my net worth.

In addition to consumer tech, I’ve gotten involved in several food companies. I’m a partner in Mast Brothers Chocolate, the restaurant Egg, and HowGood, a company that rates grocery quality.

I am not currently seeking new investments and unfortunately cannot reply to incoming pitches.

Productivity Tools

I’ve build two productivity tools which I use constantly and update from time to time. There are NowDoThis, a task manager that focuses you on one thing at a time, and Standards, a system for managing your habits on a weekly basis.

Other pages

  1. The Shit To Get (things I think are worth buying)
  2. Tulum Tips (travel tips for a beach town in Mexico)

Social Media Presence

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More Portraits

By Justin Ouellette. January, 2014.

Exercising in Berlin. July, 2013.

Marrying Robin Cantrell. January, 2012.

Recovering from a fractured tibial plateau. April, 2011.

Nude self-portrait in tiny chair, 2010.

Presenting my self-management system, “Standards”, in 2009. Photo by Ronen Verbit. Video here.

Working at Vimeo in 2007. Photo by Josh Mohrer.

Talking on the phone in 2005. Photo by Ricky Van Veen.

Listening to music in 2004. Photo by Eric Lodwick.

2002 I think.

A cool attitude sometime in 1991.

1990 I think.

1983. Photo by my mom.